Triple Threat

Volcanic Duel: A Star Wars Storyboard

A short excerpt of a lightsaber fight sequence featuring two original Star Wars characters.

The Final Slice

A trio of nerds have a fantasy battle over the last slice of pizza in their fridge. Panels marked A and B are cycles. Flip between them for as long as you want.

The original rough animatic for my short film Rise & Shine.

Animatic for my short Locked Away music video.

A frustrating yet comedic story about a door to door sales intern who has short term memory loss.

A short-tempered man is tired of having his paper stolen from his neighbor and takes matters in his own hands. Audio clip is from an old prank call video.

A frightening story about a "lost dog".

A segment of a city chase sequence featuring Eric from Racing the Sunset.

© 2018 by Nikolas Smith

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